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Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Physical Therapy in Emerson, New Jersey

Walk In/Urgent Care for NON-Invasive Ortho Injuries in Bergen County

At Emerson Physical Therapy & Rehab Center, we treat all sports and orthopedic conditions. Emerson Physical Therapy & Rehab Center becomes known as the center for walking / urgent care of orthopedic injuries in Bergen County. Slowly gaining fame, becoming the center of orthopedic conditions and sports medicine. Our doctors and therapists offer specific treatment options for all acute and chronic cases.

Emerson Physical Therapy & Rehab Center provides a very specific, individualized, and comprehensive approach that determines the exact cause of the pain and treats it as such.


At Emerson Physical Therapy & Rehab Center, the doctor will start a comprehensive study that will deal with the beginning, cause, duration, severity, vectors, establish a significant task, and functional tasks that cause pain. At this point, the cause of discomfort or pain will be determined; however, diagnostic ultrasonography or magnetic resonance imaging are also very accurate and preferred in determining the stage and degree of pain - they will be performed if necessary.

Comprehensive Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Care in Emerson, NJ

At Emerson Physical Therapy & Rehab Center, we have extensive experience in treating many conditions. Based on functional assessment, we create an individual treatment plan. The treatment will be a combination of manual therapy and physical therapy exercises. We use our experience in manual medicine and rehabilitation, which becomes the most useful and effective therapy for athletes in terms of injuries, prevention of injuries, and achieving goals.